3 ways to Maintain Digital Security At Home

Tip and tricks of maintaining digital security at home!

There existed a time when information whether sensitive or personal was printed on a piece of paper. Our parents used to keep records of their money in a savings account register and the utility bills were paid via checks.

But in the modern era, a majority of the people keeps tabs on their credit cards, bills, bank accounts, and taxes on their phone or laptop. In addition, most of the companies now offer paperless billings that mean everything is now digitally stored. On the lighter side, it promotes the environment and reduces the use of paper but on the darker side, it may become a trouble if you are not securing all of your data.

Luckily, it is not that hard to protect yourself from identity theft, data losses, and ransomware attacks! For example, check out the ideas mentioned below that help you improve your digital security:

Get equipped with the best available tech:

The best way to maintain bulletproof security is to use or purchase technology that offers built-in hardware-based features. For instance, one of the topmost mobile processors that live in the market nowadays is from Qualcomm which have Qualcomm Snapdragon security platform known as Qualcomm Haven. It’s obvious that what’s free is not dependable and what’s paid is supposed to better. Hence, investing in high-quality processors would improve your chances of surviving against the hackers.

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Be careful with passwords:

The best way to minimize the digital risk is create and set passwords. Most of the users create quite guessable passwords and rarely make amendments in their passwords. Here they put themselves in grave danger thinking they are safe (having set the password) while they don’t know they’re open to threats through their guessable passwords. While creating a password, make sure your password isn’t easy to guess, is at least 16 characters long, and must include characters and numbers. But now arises the question whether you should password protect internally through windows or externally i.e. getting a security software. Experienced users claim external software(s) provide better form of security and are the better option.

Keep up with the latest updates and patches:

Another method of staying at the top is keeping up with the latest updates and patches that you receive. It many reports it has been stated ransomware can be easily avoided if only we keep our security software(s) updated. If you provide all the nutrition to your software that is protecting your confidential files, it would pay you back in terms of dependable security. In addition, you may opt for the best password protecting software(s) that exist in the market that not only password protect your data, but also encrypts files and folders on windows 10  depending upon the nature of the data’s importance.

Hence, no need to worry about anyone getting a peek into your confidential information or creativity as by investing in the right equipment would keep you safe. However, do make sure you keep yourself updated to the latest upgrades and trends.

Use a strong Wifi Name and password

Nowadays wifi password and its name so important in your life. Hacker can hack your password if your SSID is very common. You can also make a good impression on your friends using wifi names.

There are so many wifi names available on the internet. Most of them are using Funny wifi names to make a good personality. However many of them like clever wifi names also.

You can find any kind of SSID names of the router in the website mention above. Just check the website and you will get a good wifi name suggestion.

Also, they are going to introduce Wifi names generator which will launch very soon for sure.

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