5 Best Messenger Apps for Android

Smartphones are the most used portable computer today; this has become a universal truth. Over the time, as we getting more dependent on Smartphones, the need for instant communication has also grown rapidly.

Instant messaging has become one of the most reliable features of any sort of mobile device.

Messenger apps are one most important aspect of any mobile device today irrespective of the device-end.

By means of messenger apps, it does not shout out only of exchanging text messages. Sharing multimedia files, important documents, contacts, locations, etc. are very familiar to the users.

To talk about most dominant OS platform in the mobile technology, Android comes with plenty of options for instant messaging services. The hack is to know the best messenger apps for Android one should use.

5 Best Messenger Apps for Android:

Check out the apps which are best in their class and which will help you to get the most out a messenger app should have.

1: WhatsApp

No surprise, WhatsApp along is ruling half of the market in the instant messaging app category. It’s most user-friendly interface, innovative features, reliability, free service, etc. are the reason today WhatsApp is the most used messenger app for Android/iOS users.

The free service is very much easy to setup and start off. The app is being updated regularly with new features and fixes. For some time, many users argued to put down WhatsApp under Telegram Messenger’s end-to-end encryption feature.

In April 2016, WhatsApp introduced the very feature in its app assuring the best service of all. There is also another WhatsApp version named GB WhatsApp Download available with more features.

WhatsApp Features:

  • Free domestic and international voice and video calls (WhatsApp to WhatsApp)
  • Unlimited files sharing as such images, music, videos, contacts, documents, PDFs, etc.
  • Text messages customized with thousands of emojis and voice notes.
  • End-to-end encryption of all type of messages sent to specific users.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Individual and group messages.

2: Facebook Messenger

The second most dominant messenger app for Android, the Facebook messenger is also owned by the same company (Facebook Inc.) as WhatsApp.

Generally, this is a messaging app version of Facebook which is automatically synced with messages you exchange via the Facebook account.

Facebook messenger keeps you focused on chatting with your Facebook friends where you don’t have to see the stuff showing on your Facebook Timeline.

All the friends added to your Facebook account are automatically added to your Messenger contact list. You may also add another contact manually.

Facebook Messenger Features:

  • Free voice and video call in high quality to all added contacts from any corner of the world.
  • A quick switch to the app interface and various contacts via floating icon called Chat Head.
  • Clean and decent user interface.
  • Instant messaging with texts, voice messages, sticker, emojis, and more.
  • Individual and group chats.

3: Telegram

The perfect messenger app for Android, Telegram is known for its end-to-end message encryption besides all the basic feature most of the apps come with. Telegram is very fast and reliable for all sort of Android devices irrespective of the device-end quality.

It’s very light and smooth to use. It does not require any mobile number or Facebook account to use. All you need is a unique username to use the service.

Telegram Features:

  • Share unlimited file quantity and large sizes in the various format as such audio, video, image, documents, GIF, ZIP, and more.
  • Highly secured end-to-end encryption for any type of shared messages and files.
  • Create and chat in group with up to 20,000 members.
  • 100% Free service without any annoying ads.
  • Cross-platform compatibility access and automatic sync.

4: Signal Private Messenger

Solely dedicated to ensuring user privacy and countersigned by one-and-only Edward Snowden. This app is credited for ensuring the most trusted online user privacy.

In this generation of online hacking and spying, Signal messenger surely plays a vital role as long as best messenger apps for Android is concerned. This open-source platform allows you audit the codes by yourself if you wish so.

Signal Messenger Feature:

  • Advanced end-to-end encryption for each message you exchange keeps your privacy at best.
  • Create an encrypted group and chat where everything you share will be encrypted.
  • Free and fast service with the diligent interface.
  • The app uses your existing mobile number and its address book to create account.

5: Viber

Another one of the best messenger apps for Android, Viber is known for its cross-platform accessibility. By means of cross-platform access, Viber allows user to use its service on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows PC, Linux, Mac, and more.

Beside this wide range accessibility, Viber does all the typical stuff that a common messenger app does.

Viber Features:

  • Free unlimited domestic and international voice/video calls in HD.
  • Viber chat contains text messages, voice messages, video messages up to 30-seconds, emoticons, stickers, and more.
  • Hidden Chats feature allows you to hide any specific chat from the screen and reappear when needed.
  • Delete or remove sent messages even after delivery.

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Final Verdict:

That’s it! You have learned about 5 best messenger apps which you can download and install on your Android smartphone. All of the above-mentioned apps are useful and have plenty of useful features.

In our opinion, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger is top 2 picks which provide all the essentials features like instant messaging, stickers, voice messaging, video calling and much more.

Apart from these, you can also set video or text status within this app which is another must-have feature nowadays. But you can also try other apps mentioned above and explore their features.

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