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How to move music and photos to your iPhone easily

Users of iOS devices (iPods, iPhones or iPads) meet with the necessity to move music or photos from a smartphone to their laptop on a rolling basis. Commonly, they did this with the help of iTunes. Nevertheless, in some instances, it may happen that you need to get your media files back to iTunes library and you can’t do this only because your computer went out of order. This situation proves the fact that choosing the software for your Apple devices is a very significant step and you need to be very attentive!


In sober fact, moving media files from your iPhone to your laptop is very easy with iMazing. The primary objective of this software is to provide users with a fair opportunity to copy music or images from your Apple device to iTunes in a matter of seconds. The meta-information will remain the same (the artwork, track’s name, and ratings). Even your favorite playlists that you were gathering with great deliberation won’t suffer. All duplicate files that already exist in your iTunes library will be deleted.

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The Detailed Explanation of How to Send Medial Files from Apple devices to iTunes

Below, we publish the instruction guide, which will show you how to get rid of all difficulties related to transferring music or images. Read our step-by-step instruction:

• You should download and install iMazing Mac on your laptop. This is a quick procedure, which takes less than several minutes.

• Connect it to your Mac.

• Open iMazing sidebar and find your device there. Choose it and click “Music”.

• Choose what media files require exporting. Performing this step, you ought to remember the following: if your overarching priority is to copy all files, open the Library list and choose Music. If you wish to send only definite songs, you should open the Music library and find the required song (if it is difficult due to an ample quantity of files, you can make use of the Search field; it will simplify the search result).

• Set your export. You’ll see the Music Export Wizard on this stage. Its main objective is to provide users with a number of options. Users can either choose “My Selection” and export particular files or select “Library” and export the whole library. The app will check your library according to the following criteria: ratings, plays, skips, last played and playlists.

• File Sending. This is the final stage when iMazing will begin sending the chosen music. Commonly, this procedure takes several minutes but the time is contingent on files you wish to send. In some instances, one should wait a while.

iMazing is a high-quality and powerful software product which is a must-have tool for all Mac users. The prime objective of the application is to allow you to connect several devices to various computers. In these circumstances, you can transfer your media without risk. Read More My Boy Apk

It is also possible to extract your favorite playlists from your old Apple device and reorganize your music library. The procedure of creating new playlists is also fast and simple. You just need to give the name to the playlist and fill it with the music you adore.

iMazing is designed for those who used to keep all media files in order and don’t want to break their head over the problem of moving images or music between different Apple devices.

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